AHL2v3 Released!

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AHL2v3 Released!

Postby bantam » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:54 pm

From Moddb:


Be honest: after all of our previous posts you thought this day would never come.

The release of Action Half-Life 2 version 3.

Now the day has finally come and the Ministry of Action is almost as surprised as you are.

Let us take a stroll down memory lane together, all the way to 13 September 2011. This marks the day we asked you to post suggestions for v3 features and changes in the comments and on our forums. In the same post we also told you, that we did not want to keep v3 in development for another two years (the time it took us to follow up the initial release with v2). Later on, we published a post on 6 November 2011 announcing that v3 was now officially in production.

We had to walk quite a stretch on memory lane, so let us take the hyperloop pod back to today, 3 February 2017. The day AHL2v3 finally gets released. First of all, we should note that we definitely met our goal set in September 2011. We did not keep v3 in development for another 2 years. No, we kept it in development for 5 years and three months. And you say we never keep our promises. During all those years we have not been lazy, most of the time that is. The changelog included with the release is actually the one we kept internally and features 190 items. You can browse through the complete list any time you want, for this post the highlights will do:

- Goal modes make a return
- New stunt: walldive
- New weapons: Colt SAA and Colt SAA Akimbo
- Catch thrown knives with kung fu
- 23 maps in the release, classics and new ones
- Sound improvements
- New player models
- New animations
- Balance tweaks
- Linux client

The last five years have not only seen much development work, but also many, many hours of playtesting the game. To us, this game is pure fun - for newcomers and veterans alike - and we feel that v3 brings out the best in Action Half-Life to date.
Watch the trailer, grab your copy of AHL2v3 from the download links below the trailer and: enjoy the game!

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